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Our 2021-22 Album is NOW Available to hear and to buy!

One of the YJED highlights each year is to go into a professional recording studio, and record an album of our best and favorite music over the past season.  This IS the real thing, recording with our Featured Guest Artist in a studio with pro engineers, with the clock running.  It is both a challenging and exciting day!


This year, we were joined in the Transient Sound studio on June 5 by Kirk Garrison , our Spring Concert Featured Guest Artist on trumpet and flugelhorn.

​​Visit our page to hear this great album.

In 2019 we dropped the prices of our albums from $7 to FREE and individual tracks from $1 to FREE. This is so students who are considering auditioning for YJED membership have the opportunity to hear the types of charts the band plays, and the quality of the playing in a professional studio setting.

We encourage anyone who can to contribute $7 or more at the checkout (you will be prompted to "name your price") to help finish paying off the recording, mixing, and mastering bills for this album. Any funds collected in excess of the remaining bills will be used to start the fund for the 2019-20 album.


Director: Robert Blazek
Featured Guest Artist: Kirk Garrison (trumpet/flugelhorn),


Zach Gresick (Alto)

Evan Scamehorn (Alto)

Hakan Basar (Alto)
Kyle Boone (Tenor)

Stephen Hogarty (Tenor)
Ryan Mueller (Baritone)
Michael Jenz (Clarinet)


Barrett Ellman (lead)

Jackson Baker

Christopher Egly

Matthew Wilkinson

Rayhan Driver

Sam Tschopp

Dave Katz (previous Featured Guest Artist and friend of the band, joining us as a sub.  Thank you, Dave!)

Jonathan Treuhaft (lead)

Rachel Erickson

Julia Overmyer

Adam Pearson

John Fioti (bass)


Piano: Noah Hansfield, Donald Valencia
Guitar: Patrick Aabram, Owen Anderson
Bass: Dante Nottoli
Drums/Perc: Jake Howard, Liam Reese


Scarlett Licina



1. Come Fly with Me:          

Kyle Boone-tenor sax


2. Take the A Train:             

Kirk Garrison-Trumpet


3. A Foggy Day:     

Scarlett Licina-vocal, Zach Gresik alto sax


4. Another Day          

Kirk Garrison-Trumpet


5. Rocks in My Bed:                

Evan Scamehorn-alto sax, Michael Jenz-clarinet,
Scarlett Licina-vocals. Owen Anderson-guitar,
Stephen Hogarty- tenor sax, Chris Egly-trumpet,
Noah Hansfield-piano, Dante Nottoli-bass
Zach Gresik-alto sax


6. Backrow Politics:           

Jackson Baker-trumpet, Barrett Ellman-trumpet,
Chris Egly-trumpet, Dave Katz-trumpet,
Kirk Garrison-trumpet


7. Overjoyed:        

Kirk Garrison-Flugelhorn


8. The Adventures of Snooky and Bumbles:                   

Kyle Boone-tenor sax, Zach Gresik-alto sax,
Hakan Basar-alto sax, Stephen Hogarty-tenor sax,
Patrick Aabram-guitar, Dante Nottoli-bass,
Daniel Valencia-piano, Jackson Baker-trumpet
Barrett Ellman-trumpet


9. I Can't Stop Loving You:                       

Donald Valencia-piano


10. Emergency Stopping Only:              

Jonathan Treuhaft-trombone, Jackson Baker-trumpet,
Kirk Garrison-trumpet, Jake Howard-drums

11. Good Morning Blues:  

Noah Hansfield-piano, Scarlett Licina-vocals,
Kyle Boone-tenor sax, Jackson Baker-trumpet,
Dante Nottoli-bass, Zach Gresik-alto sax

12. Oclupaca:                           

Michael Jenz-clarinet, Stephen Hogarty-tenor sax


13. Rockabye River:                

Zach Gresik-alto sax

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