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Congratulations 2022-23 YJED Members

We look forward to a great year!

Members calendar

(Details will be added as they are available)

Every Monday: Rehearsal 6:30-8:30p

Monroe Middle School, Wheaton IL. 

Exceptions: No rehearsals until Jan 9 2023

Wednesday ​April 19, 2023: Jazz Showcase (Time TBD)

Performance at The Jazz Showcase: 806 S Plymouth Ct., Chicago (Link to map)

  • TBD            Arrive at Showcase (allow time for traffic!)

  • TBD            Performance

Please plan to also listen to complete 1st set by the Bob Lark Alumni band (from 8:15p to about 9:00p).  $15 admission for general public.  Fee parking nearby.

​Sunday January 22, 2023: Winter concert at Judson University (Thompson Center, 1151 N State St., Elgin)

  • 2:00p   Call

  • 2:30p   Run-thru with Guest Artist Matt Shevitz

  • 4:00p   Performance

  • 5:30p   Ciean-up

Sunday ​April 30, 2023: Spring concert at TBD

  • Performance at TBD

  • TBD  Call/Setup

  • TBD  Warmup/Rehearsal/Run-thru with Tom Garling

  • TBD  Performance

  • TBD  Clean-up

Date TBD: Recording session (Time TBD)

  • Recording session at Transient Sound

  • Address: 1803 W Byron, Chicago (near Ashland and Irving Park, (Link to map).

  • Time TBD Call

  • Time TBD Recording session

TBD:Other performance(s)

Specific date(s) and location(s) to come

Thursday Oct. 6 2022: Deadline to submit auditions

Auditions are open!  See Audition for YJED tab to see more details.  Don't delay!

Monday Oct. 24 2022: First rehearsal/parent meeting

First rehearsal 6:30-8:00p, parent meeting 8:00p

Monday Nov. 14 2022: Clinic 6:30-8:30p with VanDoren Ambassador Shawn Maxwell

Monroe Middle School, Wheaton IL. 

YJED Members 2022-23 v2a.tif

Tuesday January 10, 2023: The Venue at TBD

Perform at The Venue in Aurora (Link to site, and to map)

  • 5:45p  Call

  • 6:30p  Performance

  • TBD  Listen to set by Pete Ellman Big Band

Mon. Jan. 16 2023: Transient Sound Recording Studio

  • 1803 W Byron St., Chicago IL 60613 (link to map)

  • 10:30a            Call Time

  • 11:30a - 1:00p Recording time

  • Note: Normal Monday rehearsal w/ Matt Shevitz

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