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Auditions are open for submission!
Click the "Audition form link" below (in red) to submit your audition recording link (you can use your ILMEA jazz audition!)

Why Audition for YJED?

  • It's easy, if you are auditioning for ILMEA. Make your recording for ILMEA, and then submit  your ILMEA recording to YJED as well! (Details below)

  • If you are accepted...

    • You will play with top high school jazz talent from 20+ high schools in DuPage county and surrounding areas.  You will grow faster as a musician, and that will help you be a stronger leader in your own high school bands!

    • You will play high-level jazz ensemble music that you otherwise might not have had the opportunity to play...both in concert and in an annual studio recording.
    • You will follow in a 20 year tradition.  Whether you pursue a professional music career, continue to play for fun, or even just listen knowledgeably to jazz, your time in YJED will carry on with you long after your last recording session!

Instrumentalists audition material 2023-24 :

  • If you are auditioning for ILMEA Senior Jazz (which we have recommended for over 20 years!), this year you can submit your ILMEA audition recording as your audition for YJED as well!  That's recording...two auditions

    • Just as ILMEA has modified its audition process in response to COVID, we want to support and amplify their efforts, and make it easy for students to audition.

    • However, please remember that this audition recording is first and foremost an audition for ILMEA. Therefore please respect and follow all of their guidelines.

    • After you have completed your ILMEA audition, and uploaded it according to ILMEA guidelines, use this link to complete the YJED form and upload the same recording for your YJED audition.

  • If for some reason you do not have access to the ILMEA Audition materials (including parts for charts for your instruments, or Snidero Etude) from your High School band director, please refer to this reference page for links to other sites with this information.

Vocalists audition material 2023-24:

  • Record and upload to YouTube a recording of two jazz standards of your choice (1 ballad, and 1 up-tempo) to perform. You can record yourself singing with either a pre-recorded accompaniment (backing track) or with a live rhythm section.

  • Complete the submission form, including the link to the YouTube recording you of the two jazz standards.

YJED Member Expectations

  • Attendance is essential. Absences are executed if the director is notified 24 hours in advance of non-attendance. YJED members may be replaced due to multiple unexcused absences or at the discretion of the director

  • Rehearsals from November-May are Monday 6:30pm-8:30pm at Monroe Middle School in Wheaton.  Additional rehearsals may be scheduled as required by the performance schedule.

  • Members are expected to learn the music outside of rehearsal and to come prepared. Rehearsal is not "practice your parts" time.

  • A financial commitment will be determined and communicated at the time of audition, to pay for rehearsal space rental, music acquisition, and other costs.

  • There is zero tolerance of smoking, drug use or bullying by members.

  • Members are expected to demonstrate respect toward other members, guest clinicians, and directors.

  • Parental involvement is strongly encouraged. The needs can vary from photography, chaperoning, providing media or providing snacks. Questions may be addressed to Mr. Blazek.
  • YJED members are expected to adhere to all COVID mitigation guidelines issued by the State of Illinois, Community Unit School District 200 (where we rehearse) and any other specific directions by Mr. Blazek.


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