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Youth Jazz Ensemble of DuPage

Our concert THIS SUNDAY


How many musicians do you suppose have played Lollapalooza, AND the Chicago Blues Festival, AND the Jazz Showcase?  Or how many saxophonists have published an article in Downbeat Magazine analyzing a great trumpet solo (in this case, Kenny Wheeler’s solo on Smatter)?  Well, our Winter Concert Featured Guest Artist is Matt Shevitz, and he has done all that! 


Dr. Shevitz is a professor and the Director of Jazz Ensembles at the College of DuPage, and will bring his experience as an educator, writer, recording artist, and working musician to work with the YJED members and perform with them.

Come hear the band and Dr. Shevitz on Sunday at 4pm at Judson University (Thulin Auditorium in the Thompson Center). (Link to the campus map here)

Shevitz Shot.png
2022-23 Events announcements!
Shawn Maxwell_edited.jpg
Tom Garling_edited.jpg

Details on place and time to come, but already on the calendar:

  • 10/24: First rehearsal (6:30p) AND Parent's meeting (8:00p)

  • 11/14: Shawn Maxwell Clinic (in rehearsal)

  • 1/10: Open at The Venue for the Pete Ellman Big Band

  • 1/22: Winter Concert with Guest Artist Dr. Matt Shevitz

  • 4/19: Open at the Jazz Showcase for Bob Lark's Alumni Band

  • 4/30: Spring Concert with Guest Artist Tom Garling

YJED year-end recording - Support through GoFundMe


After our last concert, in May the band as it typically does will troop down to Transient Sound to lay down a recording with the best of their season's songs. GoFundMe donations help to fund studio time, plus the sound mixing and mastering, and production still in process.

Click on the yellow "Donate via GoFundMe" button for more details and to make a donation electronically.  


If you prefer to donate by check, make the check payable to “Youth Jazz Ensemble of DuPage” and mail it to the YJED Treasurer at Judi Jenz, 305 S. Naperville Rd., Wheaton IL 60187. (Make sure your name and address is on the check to receive a tax deduction receipt). Thanks!

Our NEW 2021-22 Album is available



Annually YJED records an album of our best and favorite charts over the past year, and invite Featured Guest Artists to join us. So not only recording with the best Pro musicians, but also working in a Pro studio with Pro engineers.

Learn more about the album or go directly to BandCamp to hear it!  (You get to "name your price", so the price is right whether you want to contribute to YJED music-making or if you are a high school student checking out the band for next year's auditions!

Pix and video from our 2021-22 performances!
YJED 2018 Lark Thumb.jpg
Pete Ellman logo.png
Kirk G.tif

Coming back from 2 years off for COVID, we had 2 performances in January. Pete Ellman invited us on short notice to open for his big band (the Pete Ellman Big Band aka PEBB) at The Venue in Aurora and of course we jumped at this invitation.

A few days later, our first Winter Concert since 2020 featured Guest Artist Adam Larson. It was quite the kick after playing his ILMEA Honors Band piece "Out The Window" in 2019, and having him give a MasterClass in 2021.

In May (albeit postponed for a couple of weeks), our Spring Concert featured Guest Artist Kirk Garrison.  And a couple days later, to close out our live performance schedule we traveled to the Jazz Showcase to open for Bob Lark and his group.

Click on the Video and Photos tabs for pix and selected videos from these performances

So what is the story with YJED???
YJED history a.jpg

Well, we have a whole tab "About YJED" with a lot of details, and yeah you probably should go there and take a look at the details...but here's the short version:

  • YJED members get to play with the best high school musicians in DuPage County and surrounding areas.  20+ high schools...but only 5 trumpets, 5 bones, 5 saxes and one rhythm section.  You do the math.

  • You get to play pro-level music.  That's what you can do when you have a section full of 1st chair players selected from 20+ high schools.

  • You get to play at cool places (hopefully). COVID makes it hard to make promises, but the last couple full seasons YJED had on the calendar The Jazz Showcase, Fitzgerald's, Fulton Street Collective,   Plus ILMEA and downtown Chicago gigs.  And, by the way, a couple of concerts.

  • You get to play with great featured artists.  Pros like Victor Garcia, Chris Madsen, and Dave Katz who have played with the best in the world, and who will push you to step up your game...seriously. 

  • And you get to make a pro-level recording, in a pro-level studio, with a featured artist or two.  Laying down the best charts of the year, engineered by industry guys who do this for a living.  Many of our alumni say this is the most memorable part of YJED.

So, if you want details, go to the "About YJED" tab. 

Enough with the words...what does YJED sound like?

You can click onto our "Video" tab to see and hear a number of performances.  Or  go to the "About YJED" tab, and click through to three of our recordings under "Selected Recent Discography"

But right here are links to a few videos of us (new window will open):

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