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First performance of the season - at Fitzgeralds!


We're already playing a full opening set for Bill O'Connell's big band this Sunday (November 17th) at Fitzgerald's with only four rehearsals under our belt?

Why not?  It's what YJED members do...and we did it last year, too!  So if you're interested to see how we step up to the challenge, we start our set at 5:15pm.  Immediately after, the great Chicago Skyliners Big Band led by Bill O'Connell

Fitzgerald's is at 6615 Roosevelt Rd. in Berwyn.  We hope to see you there!

2019-20 Recording - Support through GoFundMe


At the end of each season, the band produces a recording with the best of their season's songs.  Your donations help fund studio time, sound mixing and mastering, and production.  With limited funds available as a not-for-profit organization, your funds can make a big difference.   Any amount is appreciated.


Click on the yellow "Donate via GoFundMe" button for more details and to make a donation electronically.  


If you prefer to donate by check, make the check payable to “Youth Jazz Ensemble of DuPage” and mail it to the YJED Treasurer at Judi Jenz, 305 S. Naperville Rd., Wheaton IL 60187. (Make sure your name and address is on the check to receive a tax deduction receipt).  Thanks!

Playing again at the Jazz Showcase


We're already booked in March 2020 (March 16th, if you've got your calendar handy) to open for Bob Lark and his quintet at the world-famous Jazz Showcase. 


We got to know Bob and learn from him when he was our featured guest artist at our concert this past April, and at our recording session in June. A great educator and trumpet player, Bob seems to push us to take it up even another level.

We've also gotten to know the Jazz Showcase as well over the years, most recently in January 2019 with Mark Colby.  It's always special knowing of the greats who have preceded us on the stage at the Showcase...and knowing what we have to live up to.

Featured Guest Artists for 2019-20 YJED concerts announced


For over 20 years, YJED has invited prominent jazz performers, educators, and recording artists (often musicians who are all three) as Featured Guest Artists.  They rehearse,  perform, and record with us, so YJED musicians receive valuable learnings and connections throughout the year.

Our Featured Guest Artist for the Winter Concert on January 19 will be saxophonist Chris Madsen.  Chris is a composer, is on faculty at University of Illinois - Chicago, and has performed with Wynton Marsalis and many other top jazz musicians.

Our Featured Guest Artist for the Spring Concert on April 26 will be trumpeter Victor Garcia.  He is also a composer, has held professorial positions at Roosevelt University, Loyola University, and University of Illinois - Chicago, and has also performed with Wynton Marsalis and many other top musicians.

Chris and Victor play with the best, so they bring their high standards when they work with us.  You can see why we look forward to playing with them this year!

Our new 2018-19 recording album is available!


Annually YJED records an album of our best and favorite charts over the past year, and invite our Featured Guest Artists to join us. So not only recording with the best Pro musicians, but also working in a Pro studio with Pro engineers.

This year, to include all of our Featured Guest Artists and to celebrate our performance at the Illinois Music Educators conference before hundreds of music educators, we include a bonus...professionally recorded tracks from that day as well!


Learn more about the album here or go directly to BandCamp to hear it!

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